Zaheer Jappie (CarClarity CEO) on the Startup Daily Show

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CarClarity CEO Zaheer Jappie speaking on the Ausbiz Startup Daily Show

Our Founder & CEO, Zaheer Jappie spoke on Ausbiz's Startup Daily show on 5 March 2021.

Zaheer shares how the problems he experienced as a car purchaser inspired him to create Car Clarity to address the disconnect in customer experience and transparency within the Car Buying and Car Financing industry - so Australians could access an easy, all-in-one platform for car buying.

Watch the interview here:

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Posted on
April 1, 2021
min read

Tech leaders shaking up the finance industry

Fintechs are leading the technological revolution in Australian lending. Amongst them, CarClarity is shaking up the car financing industry with their transparent, simple-to-use digital platform.
Posted on
March 6, 2021
min read

CarClarity raises $1m from EVP to disrupt Australia’s $37 billion car buying market

With regulatory authorities considering the removal of the ‘point of sale exemption’, car dealers may need to look to third parties like CarClarity for finance solutions.
Posted on
March 4, 2021
min read

Sydney startup CarClarity banks $1 million investment to fuel innovation in car financing

Car financing marketplace CarClarity has raised $1 million to supercharge its platform. The Sydney-based startup is trying to bring tech and transparency to the woefully under-innovated industry of car sales financing.
Posted on
March 4, 2021
min read

Fintech CarClarity raises $1 million seed round

Sydney-based car loan fintech CarClarity has raised a $1 million seed round to build the startup's product and development as it looks to expand from car financing to embedding itself in the car buying experience.

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