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Are you stuck in a car loan that burns through your budget? We can help! Our online tool lets you refinance your car loan in a matter of minutes.
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A car loan with high repayments will dramatically affect your budget. That’s why you should refinance your car loan to a lower interest rate to lower your payments. Who doesn’t want to free up some cash at the end of the month?
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Our online application lets you start refinancing a new car loan in a matter of minutes. Apply on the spot and find out almost immediately if you’ve been approved.
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Our team of experts are always on hand to make refinancing your car loan easier. Whether it’s working out how much you could save or sorting out lenders, we are here to make the transition to a new loan hassle free.
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Frequently asked questions

Should I refinance my car loan?

If your car loan repayments are burning a hole in your budget, it’s time to look into car loan refinancing. Refinancing your car loan will help you save money by giving you a lower rate and lower repayments, giving you more financial freedom.

How long into my current loan can I refinance?

You may be eligible to refinance your existing car loan after 6 months. Find out if you could be getting a better rate on your current car loan with CarClarity’s smart loan calculator.

Which lenders refinance car loans?

A number of Australian lenders do car loan refinancing in Australia. To find your car loan refinancing matches and repayments start your refinance application.

Have more questions? Check our FAQ page or talk with our experts.
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Our experts will help you figure out the cheapest new car loans available for your financial situation.